16oz Amber Apothecary Jar - Jack Baker Candle Co.

16oz Amber Apothecary Jar

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Jack Baker candles are hand-crafted in small batches to deliver the highest quality scents and provide warm, even light. Our proprietary soy wax blend and signature essential oil based fragrances balance exceptional aromas with a lasting burn that will drench any room. 

• Amber Apothecary glass jar
• 100% Soy Wax homegrown in the U.S.A
• 50 Hr burn time
• 16oz
• 3.6 in diameter
• 4 in height
• Paraben and cruelty free
• Handmade


Scent Profiles

Yosemite  - Crisp mountain air, tree lined views with blue spruce & evergreen

Hocus-Pocus - Fragrant noir & black currant, layered with fruitful undertones of absinthe & mint

Leaves + Ember -  Freshly fallen leaves & toasted clove, with undertones of sage

Succulent Oasis - Crisp greenery and deep vanilla bean undertones. 

Apples + Bourbon - Heavy vanilla notes with crisp apple, bourbon & brown sugar 

French Mermaid - Lavender, sea salt, crisp air, & warm vanilla undertones. 

Rosegold + Peony - Fresh cotton and spring rain with deep floral layer

Velvet + Sea Salt - Crisp air & black coconut notes with mild layers of fragrant noir 

Pop + Fizz + Clank - Sweet bubbly with hints pomelo citrus 

Taki Taki - Luscious coconut & fragrant palm white sandy beaches are all that comes to mind 

Gold Lust - A relaxing blend of sweet fig, brown sugar, and sunshine 

Honey Do - Juicy notes of honey dew melon with layers of vanilla cream 

Get Cozy - Comforting swirls of myrrh, clove, and frankincense fireside, on a cold winter's day  

All Pumpkin Everything - Warm pumpkin pie, nutmeg butter hayrides, fall boots, plaid shirts & starbucks with cinnamon spice

Boozy Nog - Homemade eggnog & cinnamon spice, spiked with amaretto 

Trinidad + Tobago - Pineapple & creme de cocoa with exotic fruitful layers

Hansel + Gretel - Enhancing aromas of holiday spice & bourbon vanilla & decadent gingerbread forest  

Mulled Wine - Deep, warm layers of fruitful wine & mulled spices

Lemon Poppy - Lemon Verbena 

B-A-N-A-N-A  - this         is bananas baked into the most flavorful cinnamony, nut goodess you never knew you needed

Wild Rose - Rose petals, prickly pear, & fresh linen